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Gay Travel in Morocco

Few countries hold as much 1000 and 1 Nights fascination as Morocco does and it seems ev­ery­one, gay or straight is plan­ning a visit to this dreamy, fabled country where behind every medina wall an adventure awaits, awash in rainbow...


Gay Men Travelling in a Group: Some Do’s and Don’ts

On an organized group tour of Morocco  we began our first-night group introductions in a hotel bar in Casablanca, (coincidently drinking Casablanca beer) with the thirteen gay men who were listening to our two-week Moroccan itinerary. When you...


Discover the Many Charms of Guadeloupe

“Nous sommes en grève.” Thierry, our friendly guide tries to sooth the first-morning bad news. ‘It took me twice as long to cross the bridge this morning as it normally does. We are going to have to change our itinerary’....

Travel Canada

Québec, THE Place Where You Can Let Go. For Real.

Experience pure, raw emotions while visiting Québec. Create an authentic story about this destination, featuring its spectacular landscape, creative culture and, above all, its welcoming people. That’s the type of experience that was proposed to...

Travel America

Like a Local City Guide: NOLA Musts

Ahhh the Lady NOLA: think you know all of her sultry, sexy charms? Mark Twain writes about the word ‘lagniappe’ (pronounced “lan-yap”) meaning ‘a little something extra’, in a chapter on New...