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Long Haul Flights: Some Survival Tips

Is it just me, or sitting for ten or more hours crammed between airplane seats among a crowd of equally cranky kids and grownups cannot possibly be the most incredible beginning to a holiday? I assume I’m not alone in this frustration and having...

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Spa Scandinave: Indulge in Spa-ahhh.

My last visit to Mont Tremblant’s Spa Scandinave was in a mid-winter March, a glorious late winter sun, setting over a rushing Rivière Diable, her banks crusted with breaking sheets of ice. There was still snow on the ground, and the...


Wander the Ardèche With Us!

Oh, the beautiful Ardèche region of France: its wild and rugged character and climbing, winding roads leading the nature lover into the secluded backcountry of the rolling, curving, cliff-hugging Gorges de l’Ardèche where hiking, kayaking,...

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Four Seasons Love: Followsummer’s Top Four Picks

The Four Seasons has a fascinating history. When I first arrived in Toronto in the early 1980’s the destination hotel to stay, have a drink or be seen at was the Four Seasons in Yorkville. Hand-poured Martinis in the Avenue Bar, dinner at Truffles, the...

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6 Unknowns About the Florida Everglades

The Florida Everglades are among the most beautiful natural wonders of the world.  Located in southern Florida, these expansive wetlands are full of wildlife and amazing things to see. If you’ve never had a chance to visit the Everglades,...