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Adapting to Travel Trends & Safety Concerns

How do tourists stay safe when travelling abroad? It’s a loaded question, but one that influences any international adventure. Often, a go-to site for up to date safety recommendations and advisories is the Bureau of Consular Affairs’ Travel...


Raki Attack in Cappadocia, Turkey

Greg gently shakes me at 7:00 a.m. The bus is at the station. I discover that Greg and I have had the best night’s sleep of our group. Others have gotten off the bus are various stops through the night, have watched the police go through the bus asking...

St. Maarten

A Sunday in Saba

Sunday in the blue Caribbean. We have arranged a wake-up call but both John, and I are up so much earlier than the annoying ‘bleep bleep’ of the hotel phone when the call finally arrives at 7 am. Our room is a ‘Garden view room’ and we...


Crossing Finnish Borders

Helsinki is draped in low-lying, grey clouds this morning and a cool, continuous rain is falling as we head downstairs for breakfast at 9:00. There is chaos (in a Finnish way!)  in the breakfast room as clearly every hotel guest, their sleepy children in...


Sunday in Russia: A Romantic Seurat Painting

Sunday in Russia is like a romantic Seurat painting: everyone is out in the parks and by the canals and the rivers, enjoying the warm sunny weather on their one day liberated from work. Families eating ice cream, and couples, the men smartly dressed, the...

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