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Sunday in Russia: A Romantic Seurat Painting

Sunday in Russia is like a romantic Seurat painting: everyone is out in the parks and by the canals and the rivers, enjoying the warm sunny weather on their one day liberated from work. Families eating ice cream, and couples, the men smartly dressed, the...

Family Travel

Family Vacation: Activities Everyone Can Enjoy

Vacation should spell-out fun for the entire family. This means some compromises will have to be made. This state of affairs forces most parents to bend-over-backward and concoct the perfect mixture of exciting activities and enjoyable time-outs meant to...

Travel News

followsummer Travel News

ALL the travel news for Friday, October 19th. Have a great weekend, everyone! BREAKING: Swoop Cancellations Leave Tons of Customers In The Lurch Swoop Airlines is apologizing after they were forced to cancel 56 flights, leaving customers in the lurch. Swoop...


A Night at the Hermitage

Darkness had descended on the magical city of St. Petersburg and a soft rain was falling as we set off for an exclusive evening tour of the Hermitage Museum, ten kilometres from the vast sea port where our cruise ship, Holland America’s  Zuiderdam...

St. Maarten

Brother Riley of The Bottom

Grey and threatening, the low rolling clouds are billowing across the sky as I get up around 8 this morning. John has, as usual, been up earlier than me, coffee had and checking email at the computer.  Yes, even here in Saba, in this remote part of the...

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