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Four Books to View the World in a New Way

July, and summer in particular, is the perfect time to dream about travel – remembering the summer places you have been and the destinations you wish to visit. Or imagine the journey you wish to begin as August and eventually September, draw...


Panicky Moments Diving the Great Barrier Reef

Success! We are certified divers. Well, that treading water for 10 minutes and swimming 200 metres on Tuesday, February 3rd was only the beginning of one of the most exciting and eventful parts of our journey so far. As of Friday, February 6th, 2004, John and...


Two Books to Read on a Beach

Canada’s summers are far, far too short so when the weather gets hot, the only place I want to be is on a beach, eating potato salad, slurping watermelon and of course, reading. Here are two books that will inspire you to pack a picnic, grab a...

Travel America

5 Things NOT to Miss in Alaska

Untamed, practically uninhabited, and spreading over almost 2 million square kilometers, Alaska is the ultimate escape into the wild, with a wide range of daring, snow-dominated activities. From winter festivities that will give you a glimpse into some of its...

Toronto: In the City

Well Hello Ji!! Pub Grub Meets Indian Fusion.

Ji is sadly, now closed. Make sure to wander down the street to her sister resto Pukka!  I love Indian food. A lot. I tend to focus on the vegetarian side of it, but always top of the list when eating out choices spring up. During our time in India,...