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Extended Travel Burnout

I was surfing the web recently and a 2014 Travel + Leisure article 15 Signs You May Have Travel Burnout caught my eye and made me ponder my own extended travel and the potential for burnout and in particular, our 2004 trip around the world, visiting 26...


The Detox Diaries: Day Two

Ok: It’s a workday. Let’s see how this goes. Gurgling stomach continues: I run to the bathroom two hours before my usual rising time. The Wild Rose Herbal laxative (the second set of three bitter pills) is working. I am definitely getting...


Eating Tremblant

Our friends at recently sent followsummer on a three-day, long weekend to Eastern Canada’s premier ski resort, Mont Tremblant as part of their #BigWorldExplorer campaign. My initial response was, ‘but I haven’t been...


Sydney’s Best Cool Neighbourhoods

From a vibrant cosmopolitan culture to laid-back lifestyle and high-end style, the world-popular metropolis of Sydney has much to offer to its visitors. Sydney’s quite a diverse city and each of its neighbourhoods have a unique local flair. Whether you...


Dreaming of Monaco

Nice is nice but location Monaco beckons. We met Claudia and her husband Marco when we were in Mykonos and they have asked us to lunch aboard their yacht which happens to be anchored in Monaco. This is a complete and total surprise to us but also a bit of...

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