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PHOTOS: The Incredible Byzantine Mosaics of the Cattedrale di Monreale

Beautiful, beautiful memories of Sicily this time last year. The incredible Byzantine Mosaics in the Cattedrale di Monreale, perhaps one of the greatest extant examples of Norman architecture. And although not so refined as mosaics in Cefalù and the...


Up the Balinese Mountainside to Ubud

The street today is full of people – dramatically different to anything we’ve seen since we arrived. Nyepi is definitely over. We walk along and find an internet café to do web and email. We know what happens if we don’t update the...

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We are approaching our first long weekend here in Canada: Victoria Day Weekend, (a nod to our Commonwealth heritage) and as locals have named it The May 2-4 (a nod to a case of 24 beer that will no doubt be consumed this weekend!) Is it a long weekend in...


Hong Kong Culinary Tour

Hong Kong’s development has been a hot topic in the last few decades. It’s really incredible how a region that once used to be a lightly populated area that consisted of many small villages turned into one of the most populated regions in the...


Searching for ‘Roos on Kangaroo Island, Australia

This is one of those days that Greg has been dreading. Up at 5:30!!!!! On the bus at 6:30 for the 2-hour ride to the ferry (45 minutes) that takes us across to Kangaroo Island, where there is a huge wildlife sanctuary, Flinders Chase National Park. This is a...