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A Thousand and One Nights of Luxury in Marrakech

Few countries hold the exotic and romantic fascination of a Thousand and One Nights as Morocco does and it seems ev­ery­one is plan­ning a visit to the fabled Moroccan Red City of Marrakech, where behind every medina wall an adventure awaited...


La Mamounia: A Luxurious Life

I am standing on the tiled edge of Marrakech’s famed public square, the crazy and chaotic Jemaa el-Fnaa amongst the hawkers and snake charmers trying to make a dirham or two. We have just spent a relatively comfortable 11 days on the dusty, black rock...


Long Haul Flights: Some Survival Tips

Is it just me, or sitting for ten or more hours crammed between airplane seats among a crowd of equally cranky kids and grownups cannot possibly be the most incredible beginning to a holiday? I assume I’m not alone in this frustration and having...


Take In Alsace

A bright mix of German, French and Swiss cultures, the troubled past of Alsace, located on the banks of the Upper Rhine and neighboring Germany and Switzerland, has been heavily influenced by historical decisions, invasions, wars, and strategic politics. But...

luxury travel

Four Seasons Love: Followsummer’s Top Four Picks

The Four Seasons has a fascinating history. When I first arrived in Toronto in the early 1980’s the destination hotel to stay, have a drink or be seen at was the Four Seasons in Yorkville. Hand-poured Martinis in the Avenue Bar, dinner at Truffles, the...