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Top Beaches in Australia You Have to Visit

As if the Land of Down Under doesn’t have enough allure in its urban hotspots, these seven top beaches in Australia, found along its vivid and often wild coastline, make yet another bucket-list reason for all nature-lovers to hop on a first plane and...


Buddha Blesses All

 This turns out to be a wonderful, magical and somewhat mystical day. It starts late for us, even John sleeps into 9:00. We head downstairs for our “American Breakfast” and are out by 10:30. I am not feeling 100% this morning. I am dealing...


Travel to Austria and England With These Two Books

This month, I continue my reading journey throughout Europe with How to Fall in Love With A Man Who Lives in A Bush by Emmy Abrahamson, set in Austria with funnily enough, a side trip to Vancouver, and My Oxford Year by Julia Whelan, inspiring me to travel to...


The Barossa Valley: A Study in Brown, Blue and Green

 Greg has to wake me again (at 7:30), for the 2nd day in a row. We grab a coffee and then it’s off to the Barossa Valley, one of the world’s great wine regions. We are going on a bus – the typical Gray Line tour with your typical...


Best Street Food in the World on Smith Street, Singapore

 The day starts with the ritual of finding an internet café where we can plug in our laptop. According to those we talk to, this is simply not done in Singapore. Finally, we discover a wireless zone, and we’re off to the races. First Day...