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Eat Sleep Sydney Repeat

Planning a trip to Sydney anytime soon? If you are, have you thought about the best places to grab a bite or rest your head? Sydney is an amazing city that has a lot to offer and saying that your options are numerous is a bit of an understatement. If you need...


An Early Morning Visit to Ephesus

Our tour group is quickly figuring out each other’s quirks and quarks: who is an early riser, who likes to stay up for that extra Efes beer at night. Who eats breakfast and who doesn’t. The loners and the outgoing participants. We are a mixed and...

Travel Tech

Traveler’s Choice: Tech Gadgets to Pack

Packing and light packing, what should you take with you? You need something small and functional to help you enjoy yourself while you are away. Whether you are a solo traveler or starting a group vacation, some of these tech gadgets may help to improve the...


Glorious Sicily in 24 Pictures

Our Italian friends asked us what part of Italy we were going to: ‘Sicily’, I replied. ‘No, no, what part of ITALY are you going to?’ Apparently, Italians feel superior to Sicilians. Having been robbed of its National...


England in Photos: An Early Spring

Two glorious Spring weeks touring England,  mostly the southwest starting in Reigate, with day trips into London, hiking on the North Downs Way, onto Bath, Cornwall, Dartmoor, Exeter, Devonshire, Dartmouth and finally back to London for some galleries,...