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5 Amazing Places to Visit From Sydney to Canberra: How many have you been to?

Instead of taking your regular three-hour drive via the M31 to reach Canberra from Sydney, why not spice up your Australia travel trip with some memorable stops along the way? Even such a short stretch of road in Australia hides multiple natural wonders worth...


Bali: Exploring the Island’s Luxury Side

A followsummer collaborative article Taking a trip to Indonesia wouldn’t be complete without heading to the breathtaking island of Bali. The crystal clear waters of the Bali Sea teamed with the mountainous ranges all at your doorstep offer up an...


Spain and Cyprus: Books to Inspire Your Travel

I am doing what many Canadians do at this time of year – head for warmer climates, but for me, it's through these two books. Join me as I take a literary travel hop from Cyprus to Spain!


Top 10 Reasons to Visit Tahiti

If you’ve ever wondered what heaven on Earth would look like, you should visit Tahiti, the most breathtaking island of the Pacific Ocean. Along with Moorea, Bora Bora and more than a hundred of other beautiful islands, Tahiti constitutes the...


Following the Coast of the Aegean, Southward.

We follow the coast of the Aegean southward, towards Selçuk, Turkey the sea as beautifully blue as every photo of it shows.

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