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Here comes the weekend! What have you got planned? Patio furniture and hoses out? Yard clean up? Starting to dream about a summertime road trip? Whatever your weekend plans, take a moment to get caught up on all the travel news!


At the Modhera Sun Temple in Ahmedabad

After our 1st day touring around Ahmedabad, we have absolutely no regrets about being here. We visit 3 spectacular sites (and sights) today and see parts of India that very few tourists ever get to – as our guide said, we saw “the real India” – and our hotel...

Travel America

Top 10 Things to See and Do in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is a beautiful state with mountains, farmlands, unique attractions and other scenic landscapes. Here are ten musts to add to your see and do list when planning your visit to Pennsylvania. 1: Hershey Park – Hershey, Pa With the slogan...


Checking Into Our Bali Oasis

Getting to Denpasar was very easy. A cheap cab ride to the airport, easy check-in (thanks to Raffles Class on Singapore Airlines), some quick duty-free shopping for Absolut and Clinique and we’re away. I haven’t even mentioned the great lunch and...


Udaipur’s City Palace: The House of Maharana

I wake early this morning with Bombay Belly. This is the 1st time on the trip either of us has come down with anything except a cold. I go down to breakfast, but halfway through, retreat to the comfort of our bathroom. We are scheduled to have a tour of the...

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