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Holy Toledo! What to See in Toledo, Spain in One Day

Holy Toledo! We now understand where this exclamation comes from. Toledo is crammed with churches and cathedrals and former mosques and former synagogues. It is the center of the Catholic Church in Spain and was Spain’s capital until Carlos I abandoned...


Travelling to the Maldives: Private Resort or Local Island?

The Maldives encompass almost 1200 islands, 200 inhabited by locals and 1000 not. So, the government decided to create a win-win situation to bump up Maldives tourism: they sold uninhabited islands to hotel companies in exchange for taxes and the result...

Daily Travel Photos

Travel Photo: Argentina’s San Antonio de los Cobres

  We continue on and stop for lunch in San Antonio de los Cobres, feeling straight out of the wild west. One of the tours we were offered stopped for the night here. We are quite glad that we decided against that option. After lunch, we head across...


Travel the Train to the Clouds

It is bright by 6:00 a.m., a bit overcast as we shower and get ready for our long day of touring Salta and Jujuy provinces. The bus arrives right on time, we meet our guide, Yako, pick up a few more, and we are off for 13 hours of enforced togetherness. We...

Travel News

followsummer Travel News

Air Canada Purchase of Transat A.T. Inc. Could Be Imminent Air Canada is on the verge of acquiring Transat. In a move that will reverberate across the Canadian travel landscape, Transat AT Inc. today announced it has agreed to a 30-day period of exclusive...

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