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Top 5 Things to See and Do in Tasmania

Mere miles from the coast of Australia, Tasmania is often considered the continent’s less prominent sibling, but not for the lack of beauty or wonders to visit. On the contrary, Tasmania is an untamed slice of rugged paradise brimming with natural...


Where to Find the Best BBQ in America

One thing goes without saying— America has some of the best barbecue joints in the world. If you happen to find yourself driving through the States in search of really good meat, you certainly won’t have much trouble finding it. Still, there are...


Adapting to Travel Trends & Safety Concerns

How do tourists stay safe when travelling abroad? It’s a loaded question, but one that influences any international adventure. Often, a go-to site for up to date safety recommendations and advisories is the Bureau of Consular Affairs’ Travel...


Oh, India! Beautiful and Heartbreaking

We have no words except THANK YOU to our global travel family for all support, kind thoughts and well wishes as my husband, co-founder, partner of 27 years and chief instigator of our 2004 around the world followsummer trip John Mountain succumbed to a very...

Daily Travel Photos

PHOTO: The Ancient Machinations of the La Rhumerie Bielle

The Ancient Machinations of the La Rhumerie Bielle, on Marie-Galante on Les Isles du Guadeloupe Take a short ferry ride to the charming island of Marie-Galante and spend the day exploring her three different municipalities: the main Grand-Bourg,...

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