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3 perfect beach reads and some beaches to read them on

These hot, humid days of summer makes you want to find yourself a body of water – hopefully surrounded by sand – and settle down with a beach read. A beach read, in my opinion, is one that is fast and doesn’t require too much in the way of...


Sevilla: Full of Fan Palms, Cafés and Historic Monuments

 We enjoy the luxury of a four-star hotel for a change. Purists would have our heads on a platter as we consider by-passing Sevilla altogether for the privilege of just vegging and enjoying some TV and the swimming pool. But that will come next week in...


Discover the Many Charms of Guadeloupe

“Nous sommes en grève.” Thierry, our friendly guide tries to sooth the first-morning bad news. ‘It took me twice as long to cross the bridge this morning as it normally does. We are going to have to change our itinerary’....


We are Joining Bloglovin’ !

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Traveling The Silk Road

from the followsummer archives Follow my blog with Bloglovin This morning seems a little warmer and Haluk has promised temperatures of up to 31° when we arrive at Mt. Nemrut. We are heading farther east today and have an 8-9 hour drive which takes us into...

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