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The 9 Best Travel Experiences Around the World

The world we live in is so small, yet so vast at the same time. We don’t need more than a day or two to reach almost any destination on the planet, yet we rarely venture far beyond the boundaries of our own comfort zone. The reasons are many and, truth...


Bariloche, Argentina: A Mini Switzerland

  In true Buenos Aires fashion, our “welcome to Buenos Aires” revelries last night continued into the wee hours, and we are dragging as we head to the airport for our flight to Bariloche. The flight itself is quiet and gives us the...


Across the Normandy Countryside to Vimy

We start our drive out of France, our longest stay in one country since Australia, by heading to Dieppe (pronounced, we learned last night, as “deep” in Kiwi) and onwards towards the beaches of Normandy and ultimately Vimy. A city surrounded...


Oxford, Regent and Carnaby Streets: Some Trendy Shopping

The Oxford Street shops beckon us early this morning for a bit of shopping and sightseeing. We jump on our bus to Marble Arch, then walk back to Oxford Circus and down Regent Street. We stop at Liberty, the famous old department store, which we have...


Visit Sicily With These 24 Pictures

Our Italian friends asked us what part of Italy we were going to: ‘Sicily’, I replied. ‘No, no, what part of ITALY are you going to?’ Apparently, Italians feel superior to Sicilians. Having been robbed of its National...

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