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Expatriates: Best 5 Countries for Expats

Moving abroad is never an easy choice. There definitely are countries whose citizens choose repatriation if they are pursuing a better life, but what happens if you are from a country which has a good economy but you still want to live someplace else?


The Viking Ships of Oslo

We start our first morning in Oslo Norway by taking the ferry to the suburb of Bygdøy, full of beautiful homes and museums. As befits a maritime nation, 4 of the 5 museums across the water are concerned with ships – including the Fram and...


521 Kilometres of Cloud and Fjord

Ok, I get my big, looming, cloud-enshrouded just-as-good-as New Zealand fjords on this trip. We check out of our hotel quite early (for us) and are on the road by 9:30, foregoing the fast route and taking the scenic road from Bergen to Oslo, through some of...


Embrace Winter and Travel to Ireland and New Hampshire

I suppose it’s fitting – if you live close to Toronto – that this month’s books have me travelling to two places covered in snow, Ireland and New Hampshire. The Christmas Party The Christmas Party by prolific writer Karen Swan ($24.99,...


Hong Kong Culinary Tour

"for every 600 people in Hong Kong, there’s one restaurant!" This mind-blowing information probably tells enough. We don’t really need any introduction here. So, in my humble opinion, here are some of the best restaurants in Hong Kong: let’s start the...

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