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Udaipur’s City Palace: The House of Maharana

I wake early this morning with Bombay Belly. This is the 1st time on the trip either of us has come down with anything except a cold. I go down to breakfast, but halfway through, retreat to the comfort of our bathroom. We are scheduled to have a tour of the...


Top 10 Reasons to Visit Tahiti

If you’ve ever wondered what heaven on Earth would look like, you should visit Tahiti, the most breathtaking island of the Pacific Ocean. Along with Moorea, Bora Bora and more than a hundred of other beautiful islands, Tahiti constitutes the...


Top Australia Beaches You Have to Visit

As if the Land of Down Under doesn’t have enough allure in its urban hotspots, these seven top Australia beaches, found along its vivid and often wild coastline, make yet another bucket-list reason for all nature-lovers to hop on a first plane and...


Top 15 Things to Do in Shanghai

If you have never visited China before, Shanghai is the perfect introduction to the country. The city is divided into two parts: in Pudong, you get to see the modern side of the city with its stunning high-rise buildings and towers. In Puxi, you experience a...

Daily Travel Photos

Travel Photo: Ancient Roman City of Hierapolis

Pamukkale hosts another ancient Roman city, Hierapolis. We have been promised a thermal spring at the top of our climb over the travertines – calcified formations that cover the side of the mountain, but when we get there, we are disappointed. It looks...

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