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John Mountain (LL.B., MBA) 1956-2018

  from June 18th, 2018 I am absolutely speechless these days. Sadness, pain, grief, disbelief. It is with such a broken heart that I must announce the recent passing of my husband, co-founder, partner of 27 years and chief instigator of our...


Oh, India! Beautiful and Heartbreaking

We have no words except THANK YOU to our global travel family for all support, kind thoughts and well wishes as my husband, co-founder, partner of 27 years and chief instigator of our 2004 around the world followsummer trip John Mountain succumbed to a very...


Top Australia Beaches You Have to Visit

As if the Land of Down Under doesn’t have enough allure in its urban hotspots, these seven top Australia beaches, found along its vivid and often wild coastline, make yet another bucket-list reason for all nature-lovers to hop on a first plane and...


Expatriates: Best 5 Countries for Expats

Moving abroad is never an easy choice. There definitely are countries whose citizens choose repatriation if they are pursuing a better life, but what happens if you are from a country which has a good economy but you still want to live someplace else?


5 Amazing Ways To See Japan

More and more people are starting to realize how beautiful Japan is. After all, it’s the land of the most stunning sunrises, of untouched nature, long tradition, and ever-growing fascinating culture. Simply put, this is one place on the map that you...

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