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Top Four Ways to See Australia on a Budget

Despite the cost of living, which in Australia is far from low, this is one of the countries you most certainly want to visit in your lifetime. Of course, travelling on a budget means cutting out a few things such as scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef,...


Eat Sleep Sydney Repeat

Planning a trip to Sydney anytime soon? If you are, have you thought about the best places to grab a bite or rest your head? Sydney is an amazing city that has a lot to offer and saying that your options are numerous is a bit of an understatement. If you need...


The Roman Mosaics of Poreč, Croatia

It is a 10-kilometer drive into the heart of Poreč– like beach towns everywhere, this one is spread up and down the coast, narrow and long. Everyone else is trying to get there early too, to beat the heat, and traffic is heavy on the drive in. But...

The Netherlands

A City Break in Amsterdam: Things to See, Do, and Eat

When people think Europe, they first think of Vienna, Paris, or London, but as the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam has gained more traction recently as a greater number of lucky travelers (myself included) have finally uncovered its unparalleled charms!...


Four Books to View the World in a New Way

July, and summer in particular, is the perfect time to dream about travel – remembering the summer places you have been and the destinations you wish to visit. Or imagine the journey you wish to begin as August and eventually September, draw...