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Touring France and Germany with These Two Books

“Despite everything, Ruby had loved living in Europe. She loved having history envelop her as she strolled the streets; she loved the French word ‘flaneur’ – to amble along or to hang around. It applied here (Germany), too – you...

Daily Travel Photos

PHOTO: And Buddha Blesses All

Our first stop is the Wat Bupparam, housing the famous 400-year-old Teak Buddha, and we are met at the gates by two women bearing small baskets and we think, “oh, no, more touts. Religious touts this time”.


PHOTOS: The Incredible Byzantine Mosaics of the Cattedrale di Monreale

Beautiful, beautiful memories of Sicily this time last year. The incredible Byzantine Mosaics in the Cattedrale di Monreale, perhaps one of the greatest extant examples of Norman architecture. And although not so refined as mosaics in Cefalù and the...


Overnight on the Hurtigruten to Bergen

Our overnight is uneventful, our cabin a snug cocoon from the chilly Norwegian Sea air as we chug and amble our way towards Bergen. We have a quiet morning; breakfast is our standard Scandinavian buffet of cereal, porridge, bread, coffee and orange juice...

Paris Travel

Paris Guide: Things to See, Do and Eat

Paris has charmed everyone with its vibrant streets, high art, superb cuisine and astonishing architecture. The only City of Lights exudes authenticity, romance, and style that no one can resist. Whether you’re strolling along the iconic Seine River,...

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