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Daily Travel Photos

Travel Photo: Canoe the Parc National du Mont Tremblant

  A tranquil canoe kayak or trek in nearby Parc National du Mont-Tremblant is a summer must when visiting Tremblant and for the very adventurous, an eight-hour climb on her steep Via Ferrata du Diable.


Exploring the Ancient City of Hierapolis in Pamukkale, Turkey

What makes it stunning and different is that the springs have, in flowing down the mountainside over millennia, have formed travertines – calcified formations that cover the side of the mountain – from the road yesterday we thought we were driving onto a...


Expatriates: Best 5 Countries for Expats

Moving abroad is never an easy choice. There definitely are countries whose citizens choose repatriation if they are pursuing a better life, but what happens if you are from a country which has a good economy but you still want to live someplace else?


The Churches of Venezia

We have decided to go into Venezia in the early afternoon, exploring some of the churches of Venice we didn't get a chance to see and then linger over an early dinner there tonight.


A Night at the Opera in Buenos Aires

We have two things on today’s agenda: 1) to get back to Buenos Aires; 2) the performance of Benjamin Britten’s opera “Death in Venice” at the Teatro Colon. The early morning flight home is uneventful, despite being late, and by...

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