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Travel Canada

Enjoy Tremblant in All Seasons!

Looking for an easy, all season escape where you can enjoy fine dining, a stay at a luxury hotel and of course exhilarating four-season activities including world-class skiing? Pack your rental car and enjoy the sunny ride up from Montreal and enjoy North...


The Campervan Chronicles: Rain!

Our campervan island had been surrounded by water through the night and the drain unit that connects to our water and electricity hook up is completely covered with debris from the flood, trying to find somewhere to drain to.

Travel America

5 Things NOT to Miss in Alaska

From winter festivities that will give you a glimpse into some of its traditions such as dogsled races, and views of the Aurora Borealis, to milder, summertime hikes, wildlife spotting, and cruising, Alaska USA surely has a plethora of exciting adventures to...


A Valentine’s Stroll on Coolum Beach

This is a repost from the original followsummer travel blog: February 14th, 2004. In memory of John Mountain, our co-founder and husband.


A Personal Perspective: Wales

As a proud Welsh woman living in Canada, I have taken on the unofficial role as ‘Chief Cheerleader and Promoter of Wales’ subjecting anyone who will dare tell me that they are visiting Scotland, Ireland and England with a long list of reasons why...

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