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Visit Sicily With These 28 Pictures

Our Italian friends asked us what part of Italy we were going to: ‘Sicily’, I replied. ‘No, no, what part of ITALY are you going to?’ Apparently, Italians feel superior to Sicilians. Having been robbed of its National...


Cruising to Australia With These Two Books

I am itching to go away, so this month I am travelling to locations I have never been before, cruising to Australia with lots of stops in between.


5 Destinations That Will Change Your Life

Going on a vacation is no longer just about sightseeing and taking a bunch of photos – now it’s more a matter of learning, experiencing, and after a long day of hiking and discovery, uncovering more about your true self. Because of that,...


The Story of the Journey is the Journey

On this podcast, Sean Heath had a chat with Gregory George, the Co-Founder, and Editor-in-Chief for followsummer. They discussed the irony of missing a large part of an experience by trying to record that experience to share on social media, the crucial...

Family Travel

Family Vacation: Activities Everyone Can Enjoy

Vacation should spell-out fun for the entire family. This means some compromises will have to be made. This state of affairs forces most parents to bend-over-backward and concoct the perfect mixture of exciting activities and enjoyable time-outs meant to...

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