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The Roman Mosaics of Poreč, Croatia

It is a 10-kilometre drive into the heart of Poreč– and like beach towns everywhere, this one is spread up and down the coast of Croatia, narrow and long. Everyone else is trying to get there early too, to beat the heat, and traffic is heavy on our...


Venice Virgins We Are Not

Stephano suggests that we drive to Punta Sabbione, the tiny finger-like peninsula which is across from Venezia, and then take one of the many ferries into the city. Noventa di Piave is already halfway there, and we quickly agree that that sounds like a...

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followsummer Travel News

followsummer travel news! With news from Visit Florida, Air Canada and Dubai.  Skift Why Is Visit Florida Still Fighting for Its Survival? Another legislative session on the horizon means another funding battle for the beleaguered destination marketer...


Touring France and Germany with These Two Books

“Despite everything, Ruby had loved living in Europe. She loved having history envelop her as she strolled the streets; she loved the French word ‘flaneur’ – to amble along or to hang around. It applied here (Germany), too – you...

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PHOTO: And Buddha Blesses All

Our first stop is the Wat Bupparam, housing the famous 400-year-old Teak Buddha, and we are met at the gates by two women bearing small baskets and we think, “oh, no, more touts. Religious touts this time”.

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