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Completing Our Diving Certification: Thailand

We have made it part of our daily routine to actively introduce ourselves to our fellow travelers and today is no exception. On the Dive Tuk Tuk we meet Pete and his two kids Manda, 16 and Theo, 14. Pete and his wife (who isn’t here) are in the US Army...


An Athenian Sunday Wander on The Acropolis

Sunday in Athens. Today is the day, it seems when all Athenians take to the street to shop, walk, chat, gossip or sit in a café and drink coffee. Everyone is out doing something. We sleep in a little after our late night and wander up to Omonia Square...


Why Tahiti Is My Favourite Island in the South Pacific

French Polynesia is like an exhilarating playground of secrets. Dreamy atolls and astounding lagoons dot the endless Pacific wonderland and right there in the middle of it all is Tahiti, – an island that seemingly lies right in the very heart of the...


Idyllic Views Toward Greece in Kas, Turkey

3 more buses, another 5 hours, and we arrive in Kas, a beautiful town on the Mediterranean. We stroll the streets, lounging in the waterfront cafés, and we think this could be the Italian Riviera. It is really quite romantic. Just outside town, there...


The Best Places to Golf in New South Wales

New South Wales is not only a beautiful place to visit, but it is also a thriving scene for many aspiring golfers. But with so many places to go and enjoy your favorite sport, it can be hard to sieve through them and find the ones that are truly worth your...

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