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6 Best Budget-Friendly Vacation Ideas

Remember when the weather started to warm up,

we all started talking about how we would probably get a douse spring fever. It’s a fever unrelated to flu season, and it’s one that is almost enjoyable to get. You know you’ve got spring fever when you feel that itch under your skin to get outside. Any chance you can find to stand outside in the warm sunlight makes your whole day, and the longer you sit around indoors, the grumpier you become.

Spring fever leads people to plan vacations, which can be fun to do but painful at the same time. It’s nice to imagine yourself somewhere dreamy, but when you’re on a budget, it can seem impossible to actually do. This spring, let yourself enjoy that spring fever by indulging in a budget vacation. You’ll be able to get out of town and enjoy the outdoors without breaking the bank. Read up on some ways you can have a vacation without needing to go into debt to do so.

Take a Road Trip

A good old-fashioned road trip could be exactly what you need this spring. They’re easy to plan out because you can trace what’s around the route you want to drive. Take your time looking for budget hotels and restaurants that offer good deals. You’ll even be able to research free entertainment around where you’ll be stopping each night. Plan to reach a destination that’s all about relaxation, so you can unwind and really enjoy your time away before you get back in the car.

Enjoy Small Ship Cruise

Going on a cruise is something that everyone tells you to do at some point during your life, but the costs of actually going on one can add up fast. Instead, check out cruise options on smaller ships. They’ll cost less but still offer a lot of fun. People who have had one say they’re the best way to sail and the most affordable since all prices are included up front. Look into it to see if it’s something you’d enjoy!

Lay Out on the Beach

If you live near the coast or could drive there on a relatively short trip, plan to spend a Saturday on the beach instead of an overnight trip. Day trips to the beach can be just as great as an extended stay, but you get to save money by not having to buy a hotel room and food. Pack a cooler with a lunch and some snack, throw some sunscreen and a couple of good reads in your bag and you’ll be good to go for the day.

Explore the Mountainside

For those who don’t leave close to the beach, try hiking for a day instead. A hiking day trip follows the same idea as a Saturday at the beach. Put your favorite foods in a cooler and lace up those boots. That’s all you need to enjoy a hike! Bring some friends or loved ones with you so you don’t have to soak in the sounds and views alone

Go for an Adventure

There are destination trips you can have without needing to overspend. Some are even out of the country! Places like the Dominican Republic and Montreal have affordable and family friendly things to do for free or reduced costs, which is why they’re right next to other great affordable travel destinations. Go see a new place that has name recognition to wow your friends and family while still sticking to your budget.

Opt for a Staycation

The word “vacation” makes everyone think about leaving town, but you can stay in your own home and have a vacation too. Whatever you normally do on the weekends, break that routine. Treat yourself to some good food and fun, like a trip to a local spa. You’ll feel just as refreshed as you would have after going on an expensive trip.

If you’re looking at hotel and destination vacation package prices and feeling sick when you compare them to your budget, you’re not alone. Plenty of people want to go somewhere this spring but don’t have the cash, which is why budget vacations exist. Think outside the box to create a vacation that’s personalized to what you like, including the final price tag.

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    Author Reply

    Great tips! I am a solo female traveller and intending leaving job for 3 months for a long trip. That I’m leaving a high- salary jobs in this period makes my parents worry a lot. However, youth is too short. I should do anything that makes me happy and free! Right? Thanks for sharing your tips! I’ll mark it for my trip!

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