A Travel Day: Pamukkale to Dalyan, Turkey

Friday, May 14th, 2004: Pamukkale to Dalyan

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A travel day – 3 different buses, 8 hours in all, with a 90 minute break for lunch in Fethiye, on the Mediterranean. Haluk takes us (by another bus) into the town centre of Fethiye, famed for its ice cream. We have reached the start of the Turquoise Coast, and also of the summer tourist areas. The town is full of clothing shops, expensive watch (real, not counterfeit) stores, and big sailboats available for charter.

Smaller But Just as Touristy

Finally, we get to Dalyan, smaller than Fethiye but also touristy. Dalyan is home to more Greek and Roman ruins, including some interesting rock tombs, a beautiful beach, mud baths and a sea turtle nesting ground. As was the case with Fethiye, it isn’t actually right on the Mediterranean, but slightly upriver, sheltered from the worst of the storms.

Bloggers Life

We wonder around, exploring, checking out the offerings in the various stores and restaurants. We find the only internet café in town, and as has been the case everywhere we’ve been so far in Turkey, they only have a dial-up connection on the computer, not fast enough to update our website. We find that we can’t even check email – their computers all freeze every time we try to log into the webmail site.

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